Meet the owner Karen Criswell Reese. Karen was born on May 17, 1967, raised in Morrilton, Arkansas. In 1985, after graduating high school, I attended the University of Central Arkansas, majoring in Business. During that time, I worked as a waitress at Shoney Restaurant, and I had favorite customers that loved me. One was a CPA and she gave me a job to work during tax seasons and that was the first seed planted for my interest in doing taxes.

Donna taught me how to prepare my taxes by hand. I later moved to California in 1989 to begin pursuing my future. I met my husband Wendell "pete" Reese and now have been married for over 25 years; I have 4 kids and 1 granddaughter. Every year I would purchase Turbo Tax and do my family member's taxes. One day I was looking for another way to earn income and I decide to go to school at H & R Block and I worked for them for approximately 3 years.

My Mission is to offer affordable tax services for minority and under-serviced communities. KOAR Fast Tax is a professional company providing services to small business owners in the DFW metropolitan area. With 14 years of experience in taxes, we can assist you with your most basic or complex needs. Taxes and tax laws are complicated by nature and therefore can be very stressful.

Our business is built around helping taxpayers deal with taxation by assisting them in preparing, filing, managing their taxes, enhancing their understanding of the tax laws. Our goal is to be available 365 days a year trying to service our customers.

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